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About Us

Our Beginnings

Concord draws its name from a little known piece of library history from Massachusetts USA. This is where librarian Mary Lemist Titcomb started her career and in 1905 famously initiated the bookmobile, a horse drawn wagon (called a Concord) and travelling library. Using the latest Web 2.0 technologies, Concord Australia has harnessed the Internet and extended Mary’s vision of making information instantly accessible to students everywhere.

Mary understood the challenges faced by libraries in her day and their need to engage with the broader community. At Concord we not only understand today’s challenges of disseminating information to the broader community, but we have developed innovative education solutions to support clients globally from our headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.

Our goal has always been to provide quality solutions that drive quality outcomes for educators and learners within a learning e-cosystem. As an educator, you will know that education is not static, it is a dynamic, evolving and ever expanding environment. It is not restricted to the customary areas such as K-12 or Universities. More vocational colleges are opening up and government and corporations are now focusing on talent management to improve the knowledge and development of their people. Like you, Concord strives for continuous improvement as it seeks to understand your challenges in order to bring you solutions that address your requirements.

Institutions, standards, corporations and government drive solutions and change, not technology. At Concord, we seek to understand you, work with you and ultimately enable you to achieve your goals.